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The CAM Library provides the following services

  • Reference desk and virtual reference services
  • Reading rooms
  • User education

User education sessions, subject to prior appointment, are available both for students and the general public, focusing mainly on bibliographic catalogue searches and on the Scientific Repository of CAM, with the duration of 90 minutes.

  • Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan service facilitates access to documents, photocopies, prints or scans of documents from the library of CAM.

  • Internet access
  • Guided tours

The library staff offers tours of the library with prior appointment.

  • Preparation of thematic bibliographies of the library collections
  • Standardisation of bibliographies for academic papers according to national standards regarding bibliographies and references
  • Preparation of analytical summaries of documents in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French
  • PDF scanning of articles and book chapters

The bibliographies and analytical summaries will be prepared according to the national standards NP 405 and NP 418, which correspond to the international standards ISO 690 and ISO 214. The reproduction of documents will take into account the limitations established by applicable copyright law.

These services are provided free of charge according to the availability of library staff and the requested amount of work.