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Zabya Abo Aljadayel

Estudante de Mestrado - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, FCSH
Zabya Abo Aljadayel

I read about the medieval city of Mértola or Mértola from the Arabic sources and didn't know that will have the chance to visit it. I also heard a lot about CAM and its library and expertises... here were my fears. It's not easy to discuss expert people with such a reputation. I remember the first time I met Prof. Cláudio and his deep full of wisdom few words. When he started to speak I was just listening and trying my best to understand every single word even when my Portugês language was not very well. He used always to cross the small details and fly over the Mediterranean sea to give a wider view of the human societies in the past. They were very logical ideas resulted from so many years of experience.
I also remember Prof. Susana when she received me. Such a beautiful face smiling and humbly dropping me to a place they offer it to the students and researchers. She is easy and tough, easy when helping and tough when working.
Clara, the sweet lady who spent a good time showing me the city and the archaeological monuments. Sandra, the worry person that takes care about everything she needs to do, exactly just like me :) .
Rute, the lovely person and let's go to heat :)... I'm not British too. Marco and Princesa (the cat of the neighbours) with an interesting adventure. Tucha, the "Simpática" girl who is always ready to help. Rita with her lovely Julieta baby girl. Dr. Santiago and his help and advices. Finally, Dr. Lígia. I didn't spend so much time with her but the short time was enough for me to notice her big heart.

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