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Book of the month, January 2012

Mesquita: Igreja de Mértola

MACIAS, Santiago; TORRES, Cláudio; BOIÇA, Joaquim Manuel Ferreira; BARROS, Maria de Fátima Rombouts de; GÓMEZ MARTÍNEZ, Susana [ed. rev. e aum.] - Mesquita: Igreja de Mértola. Fot. António Cunha. Mértola: Campo Arqueológico de Mértola, 2011. 108 p. ISBN 978-972-9375-33-0.

The book entitled “Mesquita: Igreja de Mértola”, now in a revised and augmented edition, presents new photos, drawings and scientific contents. The architectural remains recovered over the last few years, or preserved in the building itself, show the importance of the sacred spaces that succeeded at this place. The evolution from Islamic temple to Christian church would have been slow and, according to the authors, had a deeper impact in terms of spatial organisation rather than at a structural level. This new edition highlights again the importance of these architectural findings and its monumentality.

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