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Training Courses

Mértola’s Archaeological Site collaborates with several institutions and at various levels of education in order to provide training in the fields of History, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Studies.

In higher education, there are protocols to hold in 2007-2009 a Master’s Degree in Intervention at Historic Centres of Small and Medium-Sized Settlements together with the Coimbra Higher School of Arts, and a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies and the Mediterranean with the Universities of Algarve, Évora, Granada (Spain) and Meknes (Morocco).

In terms of vocational education, Mértola’s Archaeological Site has developed several activities in collaboration with the Employment and Vocational Training Centre (1992-93 Cultural Tourism Course - Level V - 1999-2000 Ceramic Restoration Workshop - Level III) and cooperates regularly with the Bento de Jesus Caraça Professional School – Division of Mértola since its inception in 1992.

Since April 2008, Mértola’s Archaeological Site has been organising free training courses in several fields, the first one on Zooarchaeology (with the collaboration of IGESPAR), and the second one on Islamic Pottery from the al-Ândalus. We expect these courses to be continued, with the main purpose of offering further professional development.