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R & D Projects

Since its founding, Mérola’s Archaeological Site has developed an intense scientific activity seen in various investigation projects

Coimbra and Porto Universities’ Centre for Archaeological Studies /Mértola’s Archaeological Site

Mértola’s Archaeological SiteMértola’s Archaeological Site and the Centre for Archaeological Studies of the Universities of Coimbra and Porto have joined forces in the creation of a single Investigation Unit with the intention of maximising and stimulating historical, artistic and archaeological study from a multi- disciplinary perspective.

The new centre aims to be a place for meeting, debate and reflection on the content and methodologies of investigation in its multiple geographic and chronological dimensions. Also to be a platform for participation and promotion of actions held in common by various groups or elements of different groups. Thus, it takes on to link references coming from the convergence of transversal investigation both within the Unit and on an international scale, and as a point of attraction and framework for researchers, principally for post-doctorate courses.

The investigation is focussed on seven (7) Thematic Areas and is developed in six (6) Investigation Groups:

Thematic areas

  • Archaeologies
  • Arcae – geography
  • Places, colonisations and identities
  • Cultural Infrastructures
  • Techniques and Technologies
  • Epistemology
  • Arts

Investigation Groups

  • Places from Recent Pre- history to Ancient Proto-history in the hydro-graphic basin of the Douro situated within the Portuguese Territory
  • Archaeology of Lusitânia: structures and dynamics
  • Epigraphy and iconology from Antiquity and the Medieval Era
  • Archaeology in Medieval and Modern places
  • Archaeography
  • Multidisciplinary Art Studies

Multi- annual Programme

FCT Between 2003 and 2007 CAM was an autonomous Investigation Unit, inserted within the multi-annual financial programme for the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).

Four lines of work are developed within this programme:

        1. Archaeological remains of daily life
        Person in charge: Cláudio Torres

        2. Mértola in the Late Antiquity era and its evolution toward an Islamic society
        Person in charge: Cláudio Torres

        3. Islamic Necropolis of Mértola
        Person in charge: Cláudio Torres

        4. Language and History in the North-South border
        Person in charge: Manuela Barros Ferreira

Other Investigation Projects financed by FCT

        Lantern-wheel House (Mértola) – Contribution to Local HistoryCeramics
        Reference: POCI/HEC/60119/2004
        Initial Date 01-01-2005 | Closing Date 31-12-2007
        Person in charge: Cláudio Torres

        Alcáçova de Mértola: Espaços, edifícios, e funções entre a Antiguidade Tardia  e a Reconquista Cristã
        Reference: POCI/HAR/60235/2004
        Initial Date 01-01-2005 | Closing Date 31-12-2007
        Person in charge: Cláudio Torres

        A Necrópole Islâmica do Rossio do Carmo (Mértola)
        Reference: POCI/HAR/58884/2004
        Initial Date 01-01-2005 | Closing Date 31-12-2007
        Person in charge: Cláudio Torres