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Ex libris, October 2011

Livro de falcoaria de Pero Menino

MENINO, Pero - Livro de falcoaria de Pero Menino. Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade, 1931. LXVII, 91 p., [3] f. est.

14th century treaty written under the command of King Ferdinand I of Portugal by his royal falconer Pero Menino to guide the huntsmen of their time. This work describes the falcons’ diseases, their symptoms and the curatives that the huntsmen should apply, as well as how to perform small surgeries, how to sew open wounds and apply patches and bandages to heal broken wings and legs.
The critical edition of the text was set by Rodrigues Lapa, including a short introductory study of aspects of language history and textual criticism of the manuscripts.

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