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Ex libris, April 2012

Tensões sociais em Portugal na Idade Média.

MORENO, Humberto Baquero - Tensões sociais em Portugal na Idade Média. [S.l.] : Athena, [1975?]. 193, [6] p.

“In this collection we have assembled a number of historical research studies relating to a particular social theme. Our purpose was to analyse medieval society through the various tensions that characterised its evolutionary process. Setting aside the concept of a social organisation in strata, under a pre-established and apparently static ‘order’, we mostly sought to determine the modes of reaction or unrest that affected society. Each study essentially followed the purpose of isolating the factors responsible for triggering social tensions (...) We emphasize, however, the strong antagonism that existed between classes and groups within the social context”. (Taken from the introduction)

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