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General Collection

The CAM Library’s General Collection includes a vast and diversified library collection, providing free access to about 20.000 documents in different formats and media, such as: monographs, periodicals, thesis, unpublished works, video tapes, CDs and DVDs.

Main subject areas

  • History of Islamic Civilization
  • History of the Mediterranean
  • Medieval Islamic Archaeology
  • Ceramics
  • Conservation-Restoration
  • Heritage Studies

List of major periodicals

  • Al-Madan (1992-)
  • Al-Quantara (1980-)
  • Anales de arqueología cordobesa (2001-)
  • Archéologie islamique (1990-)
  • Arqueologia medieval (1992-)
  • Estudos arqueológicos de Oeiras (1991-)
  • Museologia.pt (2006-)
  • O arqueólogo português (1977-)
  • Pedra & cal (1998-)
  • Revista portuguesa de arqueologia (1998-)
  • Xelb (1988-)

Special Collection

The Special Collection consists of two major collections of custodial nature: the Cláudio Torres Library and the José Mattoso Library.

The Cláudio Torres Library includes a bibliographic collection of about 10.000 documents, some of which were passed on from his father, Flausino Torres. Among rare documents, pertaining to many subject matters, we highlight the vast collection of periodicals, including complete collections of archaeology magazines, which is a true showpiece of our Library.

The José Mattoso Library was donated by the Portuguese historian in 1998, and it includes about 15.000 documents specialising in Medieval History. This collection is still being processed, but it should be available soon to our users through the online catalogue.