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Book of the Month, October 2012

Arqueologia medieval Nº 12

Arqueologia medieval. Porto: Afrontamento. N. 12 (2012). ISSN 0872-2250.

And twenty years after the beginning this journal of “Medieval Archaeology” arrives at the twelfth published issue. We firmly maintain the same principles of two decades ago: refusal of orthodoxies, rejection of scientific arbitrations, openness to the articles of young colleagues, lack of publishing standards, and the choice of paths to freedom of action as the first option. In this issue, featuring more contributions than usual, the CIGA project (Working Group - Islamic Ceramics of the Gharb al-Andalus) has a significant presence. The CIGA project has developed for years a programme to create a database, a task joined by the discussion and establishment of terminologies and the fine-tuning of timelines. From a formal point of view, many will say that we left the strict scope of Archaeology. We are glad this is the case. This is an intention and not a distraction.

Santiago Macias and Susana Gómez Martínez

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