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Heritage awareness programme – 2012

Heritage awareness programme – 2012

Mértola’s Archaeological Site and the Museum of Mértola, in collaboration with the Group of Schools of Mértola, will promote once again a heritage awareness programme, in March, April and May. The following activities are planned: workshop "Identifying Human Bones", workshop "Let’s go to the Conservation Laboratory" and the Heritage Week.

These activities are aimed at nursery and primary school students.

The programme intends to promote awareness towards historical and cultural heritage and the importance of its preservation. To tell the history of Mértola through its local heritage is a step forward in strengthening the feelings of identity and citizenship. On the other hand, the cooperation between the above mentioned institutions is also a way of promoting knowledge of local history and archaeology, and also of promoting the Museum hubs and the “Mértola Museum-Town” project.




- Workshop "Identifying Human Bones" – 5th to 9th of March
E.B.1 School of Mértola
E.B.1/J.I School of Corte do Pinto
E.B.1/J.I School of Mina de São Domingos

- Workshop "Let’s go to the Conservation Laboratory" – 11th and 12th of April
E.B.1 School of Mértola

- Heritage Week – 15th to 18th of May
E.B.1 School of Mértola (mornings and afternoons)